Breviarium Romanum, Diurnale, 1962


Breviarium Romanum, Diurnale, 1962 Breviarium Romanum, Diurnale, 1962
Breviarium Romanum, Diurnale, 1962 by The Roman Catholic Church

Original year of publication: 1962

I am pleased to provide yet another review of an edition of the 1962 Roman Breviary. This edition, distinct from the other two editions of the Roman Breviary I have reviewed, is neither a complete offering of the Divine Office nor is it a newly typeset version. This tome is a "Diurnale" which simply means that it only contains the "day hours" of the Divine Office, namely- Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, Compline.
The hour of Matins is not in this book. Since the hour of Matins comprises a great number of pages in a standard Breviary, leaving it out allows all of the other hours (and their propers for the entire liturgical year) to be offered in one, handy volume. Also note- this is a facsimile of the original edition, not a new edition.

Upon opening the delivery box I immediately noticed that the tome was sealed in a plastic wrapping. I love when publishers do this. When sealed in plastic, there can be no doubt that your book is a completely new, uncirculated copy. Upon initial inspection, it appears to be a very well made book. Offered as a cloth hardcover, this book looks to be very durable and should provide years of service. Not as elegant as leather, but it does the job. The red page edges are a nice touch. 4 marker ribbons protrude from the binding. Text is clear and sharp. The black is black and the red is red. I have seen other facsimiles that were not quite up to par on text colors. I've seen faint blacks (almost grey) and the red looked more like pink. This one is excellent. Choice of paper color and weight is excellent.

This Diurnale is an extremely versatile book. Personally, I do not like to take my regular Breviary outdoors for fear of losing or damaging it. This Diurnale is perfect since I never usually pray Matins anyway and if I lost it, I would only be out $75 instead of $150 (half the price of the Nova et Vetera Breviary set). $75 is still a lot of money but you get more than just a Breviary by obtaining this volume. Here are some of  the extras: Prayers before and after the Divine Office, The Little of the Blessed Virgin Mary, The Office of the Dead, The Gradual Psalms, The Seven Penitential Psalms, The Litany of the Saints, Prayers Before and After Mass, Excerpts from the Roman Ritual (for celebration of the Sacraments), The Itinerarium Clericorum, The Litany of the Holy Names of Jesus, The Litainy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, The Litany of the Precious Blood of D.N.I.C.,  The Litany of Loreto, The Litany of St. Joseph, Various Blessings (from the Roman Ritual), Indices to the Psalms, Hymns, Canticles, etc..., and finally, short forms of the Sacraments.  Lastly, it comes with a small booklet containing the propers for feasts in the United States.  ALL IN THE SACRED LANGUAGE OF LATIN (sorry, 'not a spot of English in this book) It should also be noted that this Breviary contains the traditional Vulgate Psalms (in single column format), not the Pius XII Psalms like most other editions printed in that era. 

If you happen to be saving up for a full Breviary ($300) and you do not intend on praying all of the hours of the Divine Office because of your state in life, you may want to seriously consider buying this book instead. You will not be disappointed with it and you can always upgrade to a full Breviary someday if you stick with it.  And if you want to pray Matins occasionally they are available online for free (as well as the rest of the Roman Breviary). Divinum Officium

Click the "View Sample Pages " link below to get a closer look at the interior of the book.

If you are new to the Roman Breviary, consider this resource- LEARNING THE NEW BREVIARY

Printed edition available here.                                                                                                    

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