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The Vulgate Project Update Page


UPDATE 4/22/11- As mentioned in an earlier update, the beautiful 2-color first edition (1881 A.D.)  will be reproduced instead of the black and white last edition (1901 A.D.) I have spent the last year or so doing a considerable amount of discernment and research on several aspects of this project. After much consideration, I have decided to do all of the scanning myself. Quality control and attention to detail are important in this step. You can pay for that but it is expensive. Editing was never an issue. I knew that I would have to do it myself but I did not know how. In a short amount of time I have been able to get a firm grip on this process. I have learned that there is a science to the scanning and image editing process. I have tried my best to learn this science both through personal research and the help of professionals. I have also been researching into the history of the publishing company of Desclee under the name of The Society of St. John the Evangelist which originated in Tournai, Belgium. It has led me on an email chase from the Abbey of Maredsous to the Historical Society of Tournai. I have learned a lot and the research is not finished. I plan on sharing this fascinating story at the time of printing.

 I have begun the scanning/editing process and provided some sample images to the left.  I have uploaded examples of the raw scans and the edited image which is close to what the end product will look like. Click on the images or on the links below to open a pdf file of each.  I am still perfecting the editing process, so please consider these samples as a work-in-progress. I am very reluctant to set any dates or deadlines as to when copies of the work will be available.  My schedule is very fluid and unpredictable. I will use all available time for this project and I'll try to post updates when prudence allows them. I'd love to hear your feedback.

UPDATE: February 2012. Please look below in the image gallery for some images of a representation of what the finished product of this book will look like.

UPDATE: February 2013. It is hard to believe that a year has gone by since my last update. Since this project was initially proposed several years ago, it seems that my life was not quite as complicated and busy as it is today. The project has been moving in slow motion. I expected to have it done by now and I've barely gotten my feet wet. Time is not on my side so I'm exploring several options as how to get this thing moving a bit faster. More updates to come.


title page raw webview.pdfView Title Page Raw Scan

title page edited webview.pdfView Title Page Edited Image

genesis 1 raw webview.pdfView Genesis 1 Raw Scan

genesis 1 edited webview.pdfView Genesis 1 Edited Image

Biblia Sacra Reprint Sample Package.pdfView Complete Sample Package (2MB)

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