The Sacrifice of Praise

The Sacrifice of Praise by Vilma Little  218 pages

Original year of publication: 1957
Reprinted in the year: 2012

Last but not least- here is book 3 of the "Learn the Liturgy Series" by Vilma Little. "The Sacrifice of Praise" finishes off your journey by giving you a complete understanding of the origins, meaning, and use of the Divine Office as an essential part of the liturgical function of the Church. From the back cover-

Today a growing number of people participate in the Church's official daily prayer; they use the psalms, the readings and sentences from scripture and the collects, sequences and hymns, which make up the Divine Office. Priests and religious are bound to it, but many layfolk also take their share in the Church's sacrifice of praise. This book is a simple introduction to it.

The author initiates the newcomer into the meaning of the Office, at the same time providing directions for its use. She explains the structure of the Office with short references to its historical growth out of the Jewish temple liturgy and the prayers of the Christians during the early centuries. Very detailed instructions are given to enable anyone to make a start without further help.

This book shows the substantial continuity of the Church's common prayer from the Old Testament times down to the present day. The theme is worked out in: (1) an historical sketch of the genesis and growth of the Canonical Hours; (2) an examination of the main constituent elements of the Office; and (3) a consideration of the varying characteristics of the seasons as reflected in the office.

There is a practical section giving minute directions for the day to day use of the Office, and a chapter on the spiritual value of the Church's officium, or daily duty of worship.

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