Biblia Sacra Vulgatae Editionis

Read and Study the Clementine Vulgate.....with Carolus Vercellone!

Biblia Sacra Vulgatae Editionis by Carolus Vercellone  839 pages

Original year of publication: 1861
Reprinted in the year: 2008

Presented here are the Old and New Testaments of the 1861 edition of the Clementine Vulgate. The original work was split into two volumes, because the number of pages in the original exceeded the printer's limits.  Used copies of this book are extremely rare. This enlarged edition will serve the needs of students of the Vulgate, who require access to such rare texts.

Carlo Vercellone was a monk in the religious order called the Regular Clerics of St. Paul (also called the Barnabites). He later became general of his order. He devoted much of his life to Biblical studies, especially of the Latin Vulgate. He was commissioned directly by Pope Pius IX to publish a new edition based on the Vatican Manuscripts of the Vulgate. Along with using the Vatican Manuscripts, Vercellone also leaned heavily on Cardinal Mai's 1828 to 1838 edition which was prepared under Pope Leo XII. The 1861 Vercellone edition of the Clementine Vulgate was one of several editions used by P. Michael Hetzenauer in preparing his well-received critical edition of the Clementine text. Hetzenauer repeatedly references the Vercellone edition in the preface to his edition (1914 edition, Ratio Huius Editionis). And, more recently, it was used in the editing and preparation of Michael Tweedale's electronic text which can be found here.
The scans for this edition were graciously provided and used with permission from The originals were scanned in gray scale, which can sometimes make the text faint or slightly fuzzy, so please look at the page samples before ordering. Smaller text, although still legible, is more difficult to read.

These volumes are also available separately.  Old Testament  New Testament

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Testimonial(s) regarding this book...

May 28, 2010

I ordered the Vercellone Clementine Vulgate Bible and I was very pleasantly surprised.  The main concern for me was that the Bible be
accurate, as I have found that many of the more recent versions of the Vulgate are not.  I decided to try this one and, upon receiving it, did a
cross check against my correct older Clementine. Everything in the Vercellone Bible matches exactly with the correct versions.

As for the physical characteristics of the Bible, it comes with a glossy cover, very nicely done.  The volumes are well made and heavy duty for
long wear.  The pages are facsimiles and, as such, are not quite as precise as ordinary printing as for example in this testimonial.  However,
it is nevertheless easy to read and there are no pages or sections that I have found so far (and I've gone through both volumes) that are difficult to read.  So it shouldn't be a factor in buying the volumes.  For the price, this is an excellent buy, if you're looking for a Vulgate that is
accurate vis-a-vis the original Hebrew and Greek (Masoretic Hebrew and Textus Receptus Greek)."

J.G. from Bryan, TX


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