Medieval Latin

Medieval Latin
Medieval Latin by K.P. Harrington  698 pages

Original year of publication: 1925

 A very useful offering from Armfield Academic Press, Medieval Latin will be the delight of the Latin student, whether a beginner or more advanced. Inside is a very well-rounded selection of Latin readings from (to quote from the Preface) “... history, anecdote, argument, the epistle, the drama, the essay, the dialogue, the novel, and epic, lyric, pastoral, didactic, and satiric verse.” These selected readings will be very helpful to Latin students of either the classical or ecclesiastical orientation. As my interest is mainly in the ecclesiastical, such readings are of great interest to me- those of St. Bonaventura, Bernard of Clairvaux, Gregory the Great, Isidore, and too many more to list here. Each set of readings is precluded by an informative introduction of the author, references to some of their other works and writings, and a bibliographic reference to where one would find the complete work from which the selected reading was taken. Two other nice features of the book are the numerous pictures and illustrations, and the footnotes, which translate more difficult and less common words and phrases. (from the Preface) “As a rule the [foot]notes translate all words not found in Lewis's Elementary Latin Dictionary except such as are obvious after a little thought or intelligent conjecture.” Offered in an attractive yet simple and affordable soft cover, this book will not hurt your eyes or your pocket-book. The print quality is very good. All too often, facsimile editions are hurriedly thrown together and mass-marketed for immediate and maximal profits. Such is not he case with this book. The text is dark, clear, and sharp. The pure-white background contrasts with the text nicely and only in a few places do any background spotting or “noise” remain (which do not affect the text). In conclusion, I highly recommend this book. Value, quality, and usability. What more can you ask for? Purchase


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