De Missalis Romani Liturgia

De Missalis Romani Liturgia by C. Callewaert, J.C.D.  104 pages

Original year of publication: 1937
Reprinted in the year: 2009

Though Msgr. Camelius Aloysius Callewaert (1866-1943) was one of the most frequently cited rubrical authorities of the 20th century, nonetheless, his books have been nearly impossible to obtain for many years.

As denoted in its subtitle, Sectio prior: De rebus cultus materialibus, this frequently cited book covers such liturgical material requisites as sacred vessels, vestments and linens, the form of the altar and its corresponding accoutrements, the symbolism of the various colors, the church edifice and more.

As attested in the book’s approbatio by Bishop Henricus Lamiroy (1883-1952) of Bruges (Callewaert’s ordinary):

…In hoc volumine, magna eruditione et sagaci documentorum judicio exponit Auctor historicam originem et evolutionem rerum materialium, necnon regulas sequendas in illarum usu. Confidimus fore ut hoc praeclarum opus efficaciter conferat ad ulteriorum liturgiae intelligentiam, ad cultus splendorem adeoque ad sanam pietatem sacerdotem ac laicorum.

And as mentioned in The Book of Ceremonies by Very Rev. Laurence O’Connell and Fr. Walter Schmitz in connection with Callewaert’s Caeremoniale:

This [book ] is perhaps the clearest description of all ordinary ceremonies and is written by an outstanding authority. It is complemented by another book of the author, De Missalis Romani Liturgia. Together these two books gives a comprehensive treatment of rubrics and ceremonies. Callewaert is unusual for his depth of treatment. He gives the meaning and reason behind ceremonies whenever useful and always lists carefully his sources. His book is written in Latin and, unfortunately, is not published in this country. We recommend it without reservation...

Reprinted on natural-colored paper and bound in a red leatherette softcover paperback. This book is written entirely in Latin.

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