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Free Online Courses - These courses are either totally or partially free.
Linney's Latin Class - A course in Classical Latin. The inexpensive textbook is not free, but the lectures that accompany it are.
Courses with Audio or Video Support - These courses include either lectures or pronunciation guides recorded onto CD's or other audio media formats.
Course on the Living Latin Language by Fr. Suitbert H. Siedl - Textbook and 26 compact discs. Look at entry number one in the online catalog.
Ecclesiastical Latin Grammar by Br. Alexis Bugnolo - Textbook with 28 DVD's. The DVD's show a screenshot of the textbook page while the author narrates the text and teaches the course. (Highly Reccomeneded) NB- This is not a direct link. Go to link, click "Publications" in upper left, then scroll down
Popular Ecclesiastical Latin Textbooks or Courses
Simplicissimus - Offered by the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales. A course in Latin grammar using the Missale Romanum as a base text.
Study Aids, Dictionaries, Translators, etc... - A variety of resources for studying Latin.
Google Translate - Translate from Latin to English or English to Latin! Many other languages available.
The Oxford Latin Dictionary - A very comprehensive Latin-English dictionary for Latin used up to about 200 A.D.
A Latin Dictionary "Lewis and Short" - The 'old standard' Latin-English dictionary which is very comprehensive for early and later Latin.
A Latin Dictionary (William Smith) - An economical alternative to larger, more expensive dictionaries without sacrificing quality or comprehensiveness.
Voce Alta - A variety of spoken Latin resources.
Family of St. Jerome - A wonderful apostolate promoting Latin and offering a great deal of resources, including the Course in the Living Latin Language by Fr. Siedl.
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