Learn Latin with the Vulgate as your guide....

A self-study Latin course based on the 4th century Vulgate Bible of St. Jerome
Scott Bayer, PhD.
Elisabeth Furbush, PhD.
After being out of circulation for many years, I am proud to present this course in a new updated format so that all desiring to do so may learn Latin with the Vulgate Bible as a base structure.
Upon gracious permission granted by the owner of the rights to the course material, I have been allowed to convert the original 8 cassette tapes containing the lectures for each lesson into mp3 format and to also reprint the workbooks for wide and easy distribution.
This one-of-a-kind course will teach you Latin using the Latin Vulgate Bible (Clementine Edition)as a base text for all vocabulary, grammar lessons, and translation practice. The self-study format is excellent for homeschoolers aged 8+. It is also perfectly suitable for adults who desire to learn the language as well.
The effectiveness of the course has been proven by those who have used it. Please consider the following reviews when discerning your purchase.
Presented below are links to 3 reviews which were done when the course was originally distributed on cassette tape in the 1990's.
                                                                                                     Review I                Review II                Review III
Also provided are fresh reviews from several volunteers who graciously dontaed their time and efforts.
                                                                                                New Review I        New Review II       New Review III 
Beautifully illustrated workbooks present vocabulary drills, matching and translations, English derivatives, crossword puzzles, and other fun activities useful in mastering the material as well as gaining insights in to the life and Resurrection of Christ (Level I) and Genesis (Level 2).
Click on the text below to look inside the workbooks.
                                                                                                                Level I                                     Level II
Audio lessons include the worshipful music of Bach in the background as the voice of the personable instructor, Scott Bayer, PhD. (who has taught Latin for years), guides you through the material.
  Audio samples can be found in the book listings accessible through the links given below. Nota Bene: Since the audio was taken from cassette tapes and the original recording was not done in a studio, the sound quality is not on par with a fresh digital recording. There is a bit of hiss and back ground noise evident in the recordings but despite this, the voice of the instructor is completely clear and audible throughout the course.  
 Level 1 provides a minimal introduction into grammar but stresses vocabulary-building a great deal. Level 2 offers a more thorough study of grammar, while still offering a wide range of new vocabulary words.
At the end of each workbook you will find answer keys to all exercises and a glossary.
Lectures are provided on a CD ROM with individual MP3 files for each lesson. CD ROMs can be played on your computer or in a CD player that will play MP3 CDs. Not all, but many home and automotive CD players produced in the last 10 years will play MP3 CDs. For your listening convenience, files can also be transferred to an iPod, iPhone, any cell phone which can store and play MP3 files or any portable MP3 player. 
Pronunciation is presented in the Classical form and the English translations of biblical texts are taken from the King James Version of the Bible.
This course is offered in variety options. Click on the links below to be directed for purchasing.
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Replacement workbooks are available at a discounted price to anyone who has already purchased the full course (Levels I or II separately or both together) Contact us for more details.
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