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Is this website the same "" that was live from @2008 to 2018?


                                                    Yes. Same owner, much of the same content, yet still under development. The previous

                                                  site was built and maintained by a professional website builder. This site was built by me

                                                  through a modern "do it yourself" service. I'm no web-designer, doing the best I can to 

                                                  make this site easy to use/navigate.                                    


I have a question about or I am having a problem with my print-on-demand order.

                                                 For all inquires involving our print-on-demand store, contact the printer directly. I do not                                                           handle these orders in any way, they have their own fulfillment/customer service                                                                     departments.

Do you offer bulk/wholesale pricing? 

                                                    The printer I utilize does offer discounts for bulk orders and I will add an additional discount.

                                                 Please email me for details-

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