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About "Us"

Back in 2008, this site was launched to fill a hole in the market- to reprint books that should never be out of print. 

Book digitization has came along way. Google Books and has scanned and made available many, many books which would otherwise require trips to libraries around the world to see. PDF's and e-books are great, but we still need books in print. There is something special about holding an actual, physical book. 

The advancement of the print-on-demand industry has made it possible for nearly anyone to become a publisher- literally overnight. Just by learning a few basic skills (and a great deal of trial and error), I was able to take an out of print book in the public domain and bring it back to print in the span of a few weeks. One book led to the next and here I am 14 years later offering about 15 titles in print, attempting to transition from the "one at a time" printing industry to short runs of 100 to 200 books. Learning the printing industry has been both interesting and a great challenge. I look forward to the years to come and seeing what God has planned for this little publishing apostolate. 

Derek Bonnell- owner of Church Latin Publishing LLC


I am a 48 year old Roman Catholic husband and father of 9 children living in north central Illinois. I'm a union equipment operator/diesel mechanic by trade, publishing in my 'spare' time.  After long hours at work and many family obligations, I squeeze in publishing wherever I can. 

You might notice above that the 'us' in the page header is in quotation marks- that is because there is no "us". This publishing apostolate is a one man show...unless you count some very generous folks who have helped and continue to help me in several key areas:

Louis Tofari of Romanitas Press has been a continual source of knowledge and experience of all things in the printing world.

Stan Drew of Golden Images has done an excellent job of scanning many of the books I offer.

Jerry Wonderly (R.I.P 9/26/23) of Myriad Creative Concepts helped layout and then did the graphic design on several covers of books offer, most importantly- the Latin Vulgate Bible reprint that I released in 2021.

...and also several unnamed individuals who have provided a great deal of assistance with several key projects.

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