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Current, upcoming, and proposed projects.

What's next at Church Latin Publishing Co. ? Here is a breakdown of what projects I'm working on now, what I will be working on next, and what I would like to reprint in the coming years.

UPDATED 12/13/22


"The Vulgate Project" is ongoing. Details here.  I am focusing all of my efforts on the preparation of the scans of the red and black text edition of the Desclee Latin Vulgate Bible, originally published in 1881.

"The Books of the Latin Liturgy" by Abbot Cabrol

"A Latin-English Dictionary" by William Smith


"Catechismus Romanum"- the Roman Catechism or the Catechism of the Council of Trent in the original Latin. 


"Breviarium Romanum"  Two editions I would like to reprint. The first is the Roman Breviary in English, originally published in 1964 by Benziger Brothers. The next is an edition of the Roman Breviary in Latin, originally published from @1912 to @1944.

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