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Unfortunately, shipping internationally from the United States through the Postal System is both expensive and somewhat unreliable. The majority of problems occur at customs. Some packages do not make it through the customs process or they are delayed for weeks or even longer. If the package does make it through customs it can be held up or lost when it is transferred to the destination country's mailing service.


There are other options- but they do cost a little more than the Postal System. I can provide quotes for UPS and Fedex, which should be more reliable. 

I have disabled international ordering from checkout on this site. I will handle all international orders manually via email.

Email me this information:

Items and quantity

Complete name, shipping address, country, and phone number.

I will email you back with shipping quote.


I would like to stress that Church Latin Publishing Co. cannot be held responsible for packages that are delayed or lost once they leave the continental United States and the buyer assumes all risk from that point on.  Shipping insurance is required for all international orders. The cost is usually around $5 USD for insurance. An insurance claim can be filed on lost packages, so I might be able to redeem the cost of the lost item(s) ordered.

Please email me for any further questions or concerns.

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