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The work of Monsignor Ronald Arbuthnott Knox 1888-1957


Priest, Bible translator, theologian, author, and radio broadcaster. Msgr. Ronald Knox was a man of many talents.  His historic translation of the Bible, simply known as "The Knox Bible" is his most notable achievement. He single handedly translated the Bible from the Latin Vulgate- an endeavor which took him nine years to complete. 

I have reprinted his wonderful book- "On Englishing the Bible" which provides a close look into the thought and methodology behind his translation. Also, look below for a link to a short radio talk he gave on the subject of the translating the Bible. It is interesting to hear the ideas of the good Msgr. in his own voice. 

In 2012, Baronius Press released a newly typeset edition of The Knox Bible which is beautifully printed and bound. Is Church Latin Publishing Co. working on a facsimile edition of one of the original printings of The Knox Bible from the mid-fifties?    Maybe!

Msgr. Knox, English Catholic Priest, 40 yrs. old

On Englishing the Bible front cover.jpg

Page samples from a 1956 printing of The Knox Bible 

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