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Latin prayer cards featuring complete English phonetic renderings of the Latin words per the more romano (as in Rome) liturgical pronunciation. This 16-count variety pack, which is ideal for sharing with family and friends, includes two prayer cards for each of the following prayers:

  • Memorare (Prayer to Our Blessed Lady)
  • Anima Christi (Soul of Christ)
  • Angelus Domini (The Angelus)
  • Regina Cæli (Queen of Heaven)
  • Angele Dei (Angel of God)
  • Veni Sancte Spiritus (Prayer to the Holy Ghost)
  • Sub Tuum Præsidium (We Fly to Thy Patronage)
  • Suscipe (Prayer of St. Ignatius)

Two complimentary pronunciation guide cards included with every Latin Pronunciation Variety Pack.

Product Details:

  • Large 4" x 6" cover paper stock
  • Pack of 16 prayer cards
  • Two complimentary pronunciation guide cards
  • Latin prayer in black text and pronunciation guides in red text
  • Phonetic renderings provided by Louis Tofari of Romanitas Press
  • Printed in the USA
  • This is a product of

Latin Prayer Card Variety Pack #2 -Pronunciation-

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