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Legendo- A Simple Approach to the Latin of the Liturgy by Vilma G. Little

Book 1 of the "Learn the Liturgy Series" by Vilma Little, "Legendo" will kick-off your knowledge adventure with a bit of Latin. This book is not just another simple instruction in Liturgical Latin. So many other textbooks fall short of the mark for that very reason: they are written like textbooks. Little's work is entirely different. In the midst of learning the dry grammatical rules, throughout her work, Little wedges chunks of wisdom and insight into the lessons. Another nice feature of this work is how the pronunciation is presented. She doesn't simply give you the rules of Latin pronunciation and then let you go, each new word introduced as vocabulary for the readings is broken down into it's phonetic rendering, so there is no guessing about how a Latin word should sound when spoken. For example: multum, mool-toom. It's that easy. There is no guessing or speculating on the correct pronunciation. There being so many books available for learning the Latin of the Liturgy, this one is sure to stand out amoung the best. See for yourself!

202 pages

6" X 9" softcover

Save $5 when you buy the set.


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