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The Chant- A Simple and Complete Method for Teachers and Students by Vilma G. Little

"The Chant" by Vilma Little is book 3 of the "Learn the Liturgy Series" that I am now offering. I'll let Vilma Little's peers describe this book- (from the back cover)
“All who have had experience of teaching the Gregorian Chant in this country must have felt the need of a simple and complete method. Translations of foreign books, no matter how excellent, can never adequately satisfy such a need. What is required is a book in which the whole technique of the Chant is unfolded from its very foundations without undue haste or compression and with the competence born of thorough knowledge and wide experience. Such a book is this for the whole subject is expounded with a lucidity as remarkable as it is rare.

We know of no work which can compare with this in the qualities requisite for a text-book. To teachers and students alike it should prove of inestimable value.” - Dom. A. Gregory Murray in Music and Liturgy.

“ Lovers of the Chant, whether teachers or students, should be grateful for the publication of 'The Chant.' The simplicity of its language makes it suitable for students; and the suggestiveness of many of its thoughts, often only hinted at in passing, should commend it to teachers.” - Magnificat.
“ V.G.L.'s work for Church music generally, and for Gregorian Chant in particular, is already widely known. 'The Chant,' with its sub-title of 'a simple and complete method for teachers and students,' sets forth in a scholarly manner, replete with purposeful aids culled from long experience in teaching and Chant, the methods employed by the authoress herself. The subject matter of this book is aptly chosen and worked out in a methodical and skilful way, proceeding from the simple to the complex, and leading the student through the various phases of the art without undue haste or worry.  

That section devoted to the Psalmody is comprehensive, and here learners searching for the true spirit of Psalm singing, combined with its proper execution, will not go unsatisfied, whilst more cultured readers and any who have ample time and opportunity for study at their disposal, will soon discover that no better exposition, within equal compass, is to be found.

A former pupil of the great Dom Mocquereau, V.G.L. naturally employs the methods of the Solesmes School of interpretation.” - The Sower

141 pages

6" X 9" softcover

Save $5 when you buy the set.

The Chant

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