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Presenting the Day Hours of of the Roman Breviary (Breviarium Romanum) in Latin and English.  Text conforms to the changes of Pope John XXII in 1960. This book contains what is needed to pray all of the hours of the Divine Office except Matins, although the Psalms for Matins are included. Contents: Prayers Before and After the Divine Office, Table of Movable Feast until 2047, The Liturgical Calendar, The Propers of the Seasons, The  Ordinary, The Psalterium,  The Propers of the Saints, Propers for the Commons of Saints, and an appendix with the Pentitential Psalms and the Litany of the Saints, both in Latin and English. Red and Black text throughout. 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" page size, gloss laminated hardcover, 735 pages, 4 ribbon markers.

Additional information: The PDF used to create the edition was posted online anonymously. I cannot vouch for the integrity of the content. It is offered "as-is" and I'm hopeful it does not contain an excessive amount of errors. I've sold several dozen copies with no complaints about the integrity of the text.  I would appreciate any feedback from customers who have purchased this edition. Also, the buyer understands that Liturgical books are normally printed and bound in a more noble format- leather covers, sewn binding, etc... This book was printed and bound from a short run digital printer and utilizes a glued binding. A properly manufactured glued binding can hold up for many years if it is not misused or abused.

Diurnale Romanum, Latin-English Edition, 1961

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