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Cover image of original "Classic edition"

The reprinted edition will feature a very similar cover


Vulgatae Editionis

Latin Vulgate Bible according to the "Clementine" edition


Beautifully typeset and illustrated by Desclee, Lefebvre, & Assoc.

under the 

Society of St. John the Evangelist

in 1901 A.D.


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Sample page from the upcoming new reprint -Click page to expand-

After many years of anticipation, I am proud to be reprinting the magnificent Latin Vulgate Bible published by the Society of St. John the Evangelist, 120 years ago.  These Vulgate bibles are a true icon of Catholic history and can be described as a "modern adaptation of a medieval manuscript."  When I obtained my first second hand copy of this bible, way back in 2008, I was mesmerized by several things:  1) The engravings that illustrate the Crucifixion, the Holy Trinity, biblical scenes, etc... 2) The biblical text itself is beautiful and arranged in a manner very pleasing to the eye 3) The "extras"- headings that introduce each chapter, Old and New Testament cross references, and the indices/glossaries in the back of the Bible. At that point in my life, I did not even know Latin- I just wanted one on my coffee table to show off to my Catholic friends!  I knew one thing- I must reprint this.

UPDATE 1/10/22:  I had a limited number of copies available for purchase, which have been sold.  I expect to have the remainder of the first printing in late January or February.  I am very reluctant to set any specific date- this project has been plagued with delays, which are beyond my control.

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