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Vulgatae Editionis

Latin Vulgate Bible according to the "Clementine" edition


Beautifully typeset and illustrated by Desclee, Lefebvre, & Assoc.

under the 

Society of St. John the Evangelist

in 1901 A.D.


Cover image of original "Classic edition"

The reprinted edition will feature a very similar cover

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Sample page from the upcoming new reprint -Click page to expand-

7/20/21 NOTE: This is a pre-release, informational page only. I am not taking orders or pre-orders as of yet. My goal is to starting shipping by the Feast of St. Jerome- September 30, 2021. More details will be coming in the weeks ahead. If you are interested in helping financially, visit my go fund me page which can be found by clicking the image above. You can subscribe for updates at this link: SUBSCRIBE

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After many years of anticipation, I am proud to be reprinting the magnificent Latin Vulgate Bible published by the Society of St. John the Evangelist, 120 years ago.  These Vulgate bibles are a true icon of Catholic history and can be described as a "modern adaptation of a medieval manuscript."  When I obtained my first second hand copy of this bible, way back in 2008, I was mesmerized by several things:  1) The engravings that illustrate the Crucifixion, the Holy Trinity, biblical scenes, etc... 2) The biblical text itself is beautiful and arranged in a manner very pleasing to the eye 3) The "extras"- headings that introduce each chapter, Old and New Testament cross references, and the indices/glossaries in the back of the Bible. At that point in my life, I did not even know Latin- I just wanted one on my coffee table to show off to my Catholic friends!  I knew one thing- I must reprint this.


As part of the preparation for ordering a complete printed proof, just received a 100 page proof that I created so I could check margins and overall print quality.

I am very pleased with the results and I'm anxious to finally receive a full printed proof of the entire Bible in a few weeks.

You may mouse-over the image and click to enlarge it for a close inspection.

New Reprint Specifications

-Exact facsimile of original, true to original quality with no alterations

-Matte laminated hardcover (water/stain resistant)

-6" wide by 9" tall

-982 pages

-Printed on 45# 'natural' bible paper

-2 color maps

-2 ribbon markers

-colored headbands and end sheets

-Printed and bound in the USA

I am working very diligently to finalize all of the details for the initiation the first printing. The preparations for releasing a book- especially one of this importance and magnitude- is very tedious and time consuming. I have been anticipating this reprint for many years and I'm very excited to be so close to completion. Please visit my Desclee Vulgate page for detailed information and history on this particular edition of the Latin Vulgate Bible.


Also, I've attempted to chronicle my progress on this project- which I began thinking about way back in 2008.



-Complete text of the Latin Vulgate Bible, Old and New Testaments with "extra-canonical" books of the Old Testament.

-Entirely in Latin

-Text edited according the the Vatican Edition of the Clementine Vulgate of 1598 A.D.

-Fully cross referenced between Old and New Testaments and vice versa

-Chapter headings

-Engravings that illustrate biblical scenes at the beginning of many books of the bible

-Text is arranged for excellent readability and typeset in a beautiful Elzevirian font

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-Map of Palestine, at the time of Our Savior

-Front matter: title page, imprimatur, note to the reader, preface to the Vatican edition of the Vulgate 1592 AD,

 -Decree concerning the canonical scriptures, from the Council of Trent- fourth session,

-Remembrance of Pope Clement the 8th.

-Prefaces of St. Jerome

-Table of Contents

-Old Testament

-Map of the travels of St. Paul

-New Testament

-"Extra-canonical" books of the Old Testament: Prayer of Manassseh, 3rd and 4th Books of Ezra

-Index of Testimonies of Christ and the Apostles

-Interpretation of Biblical Names

-Index to the Bible

-Index of Epistle and Gospel readings used in the Roman Missal